Preserving Families, One Family at a Time

Michigan’s Early Childhood Courts Main Goal is the Preservation of Family

The primary goal of the Michigan’s Early Childhood Courts, affectionately known as Baby Court is family preservation; ensuring that families stay together and receive the support they need to thrive. Baby Court seeks to address underlying issues and health disparities that may threaten family stability.

Michigan’s Early Childhood Courts, also known as Baby Court, has a dedicated team of professionals that includes a jurist, child welfare, infant mental health, attorneys/GAL, and a community coordinator with the knowledge and specialized training in trauma, attachment, and early childhood development. The court team understands the importance of creating a nurturing and empathetic environment for families who are going through a difficult time, and are committed to providing a compassionate, respectful, and supportive court experience to help families overcome the challenges they face.

Michigan’s Early Childhood Courts promotes timely permanency, enhances parenting sensitivity, and facilitates reunification whenever possible. Overall, Baby Court is an innovative and effective approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable infants and toddlers in the child welfare system. We believe every child and family deserves the opportunity to thrive and grow, and we are here to help them achieve their full potential.

screenshot from Infant Mental Health in the Courts YouTube video

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